September 23

Ok time to answer more questions that seem to pop up.

Why Queen Jane?

Bob Dylan’s song “Queen Jane Approximately”. When we were looking for a name – we went thru a million. We didn’t want the usual and the common. A female name for a boat is a good thing as a boat is a “she”. We wanted a name that could be easily understood in foreign ports. One day we were listening to Bob wail out “Won't you come see me Queen Jane” and it clicked. I liked the double reference to the beheaded Queen Jane – a rival with Queen Mary for the throne. Jane got her head chopped off and Elizabeth (future Queen) managed barely to escape the same fate. Anyway Jane was royal lady but not to well known to have many other implications and our boat seemed to be a royal lady.  But back to the song – anyway I liked the implications of being done with all the usual and then getting real and going on a journey. Hey poetic interpretation is a subjective thing.

Why not Queen Kate?

Are you serious? I hate those freaking boats named after wives. It seems so stupid and indulgent. It's my name and I am not a boat. Whatever…

Last night my Uncle Ludwig and Aunt Jean come over for drinks. They took us out for a wonderful fish dinner in San Monica. My cousin Andrea and her husband Micheal joined us. It was lovely time. It was get to know these relatives better. Since we were raised on the east coast and Ludwig et al were in Santa Barbara -  we did not have many opportunites to meet. Indeed I have never even meet Andrea’s brothers.