September 22

Here we are in Luganville. We spent two days at the Quarantine Anchorage. The town is a sleepy dusty place – during WW2 it was huge with around 30 to 50 warships of various sorts. It was the major staging area for the push north. They have lots of old buildings, bunkers etc.  

We moved across the channel to the Aore Resort which has some moorings – it’s a lot prettier and we can use the pool. We went to the island feast night at the hotel with music and dancing. I liked the Asanvari experience better as it was more genuine.  

We went diving on the President Coolidge, a huge ocean liner that hit some mines in WW2. It was a deep dive and we saw lots of cools stuff. I held a coral encrusted gun! It is a protected site and it was very cool to see all this stuff still lying around. It was the first dive I made this year and it takes me a while to get into the groove. We are diving again today on a different part of the wreck. Should be fun. Jordan want to do a decompression dive ( ie. a very deep dive) but I think I will skip that.  

Last night we were invited to the Yacht “Astor” a 1923 wooden schooner measuring 74 feet. It was gorgeous and the crowd friendly. Jonah was not to thrilled as there were no kids there but he handed out desserts and enjoyed being a waiter. We are staying till Tuesday before we continue south.