September 21

We are in Savai'I. We had an awesome sail here. Scafhogg with us so it was fun as we each tried to do our best and the result was we made great time! The entrance to the bay here was a bit tricky. We scoped it but couldn't figure it out so we backed off. Scafhogg went in first and once they did it was fairly obvious. I was really nervous as the reef was very narrow and a bit shallow. Abel Tasman, the Canadian boat, was the only boat here at anchor and it is really great to be in a place with only a couple of boats.

Jonah having great fun hanging out with all the kids. Yesterday we went for cocktails to Scafhogg and it was great because all kids played allowing the parents some rest and relaxation. It is fun for a change to be very social.

Today we went to a little motu near the pass and let the kids play on the beach. They had great fun. Later we went in to town to watch the local children practice singing for Whit Sunday - the people were very happy to have us come watch and they put benches in front for us to look at the kids. Yikes, no sneaking out early. We listened to them practice the songs - all in Samoan - several times. They served us sodas and were very interested to hear about our travels. Their first question seems to always be "How long will it take you to go home?".

We had Scafhogg over for drinks to recover. After they left, Jordan made a delightful Chinese meal.