September 17

It has been pouring here for days. The boat is damp and I have piles of dirty laundry that can't be washed because it can't be dried. We went in to the village yesterday to watch a competition between some little string bands (guitars, mandolins) and some dancing. It was very muddy and we slipped and slushed through the mud in our bare feet. Jonah loves going to the village as there tons of kids and they all run around and have lots of fun. The children here seem a bit more relaxed than in Fiji.

I woke up early and cleaned the heads and the showers and vacuumed the boat. I really would like the sun to come out to dry the moisture out of the boat.

Other than the occasional visit to shore, we have been holed up eating large and elaborate meals ( why not cook !?) and watching movies (Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings). We went to the waterfall this morning because it is so special to have a waterfall right on the beach. Today it was Alison's birthday - she is from the boat "Noason" and turned five years old today. She and Jonah love to play together. We will have some cute photos when we post this months photos. They had a little birthday party at the "Yacht Club". Robbie, Allison's mom, made two piñatas for the kids and huge cakes with pink frosting - very popular with the village kids. I brought some face paint and the kids loved that. I went to the Dispensary and gave the nurse a bag of kids clothes and toys. I figure she would know the best who could use it. The medical care is rudimentary and elemental - I don't think people survive many challenging illnesses. Some of the children are deaf. I have no idea what the mortality rate is - malaria is the biggest challenge. I did not inquire as to the situation with childbirth. I think she could stitch up tears but I don't think she could do cesareans. They are funded by the government and have basic antibiotics and meds. The dispensary is enlarging and adding a maternity ward. Gene from "Noason" is looking for a dentist to come and pull rotten teeth as that is what is needed primarily.

Asinbari has been a lovely anchorage. I wish it had been sunny but the people were nice and the anchorage protected in the bit of bad weather we have had.