September 16

Jordan went to Ham Radio school today. He has been studying for 24 hours and already is getting all the questions right when I quiz him. I hate that photographic memory. He luckily has 2 more tests to go – hope they are hard.  

I spent the day with Jonah. We made biscuits in the morning which he really enjoyed with butter and honey. Jonah played his Reader Rabbit computer game which teachs great skills like Pattern differentiation and Letter recognition through little games. He is getting really good at it. I changed all the sheets on all the beds. Jonah practiced fishing – ok we got him a Mickey Mouse fishing rod which apparently can really work if you put hooks on it. The guy at West Marine was telling me what hooks I should get and how exciting it will be to catch little fish. HELLO – the kid is barely 4 ok – so unless you want to come over to pry the hooks that will be stuck in his little hand – no thank-you on the hooks.  Jonah loves the rod and just sits there muttering to himself about fish while he drops the float ( Mickey – of course) in the water.  

After a joke of a nap, we were off to the beach. I got a cab to come and we waited a while in front of the Marina apartments. Jonah found a snail in the flower beds and he couldn’t understand why it wasn’t moving. I explained snails move really slow – pretty much at a snails pace! Yeah well he didn’t laugh either. We watched it and I poked it and decided it was dead. I said “ Jonah I think its dead.” He looked at me and snapped back “It is NOT Dad. Dad is a human being just like me. Just like you Mom. That snail is not DAD.”

I explained to him that I said DEAD not DAD and he was very cool, “Oh ok. You think he is really dead?”  

We went to the beach. The waves were huge and I had to hang on to Jonah’s hand or he would have been swept away. I brought his new sand toys which include toy golf clubs and Jonah has made up his own version of Beach Golf. He is really good at it and wins a lot despite there not being really any rules. It’s a vibe thing. We had to walk back from the beach which I did by buying him cookies and luring him back.  I was exhausted and starving today, its too hot at midday to eat lunch and by night I always get really hungry. Our VCR is eating tapes – I think it is a sign that we need a new one.