September 16

Another lovely day in Samoa. We had a quiet morning on the boat doing stuff and reading. I scrubbed the side of the boat! We took Jonah to the movies in the afternoon - Shrek - very funny - he missed all the inappropriate jokes but enjoyed the animation etc. A good family flick. The town was dead today as it was Sunday - the only people around were at the movie theater which was packed with families. Its kind of nice to have Sunday so quiet as families tend to spend time with each other. Fa'Samoa (traditional Samoa) is all about families and they mean extended families. Everybody lives together in large groups, at night at six a bell rings and they observer Sa' which is a half hour of quiet time for prayer. Everyone just sits down and is quiet. They don't really do it in the city although stores do close before that.

Last night we celebrated Evar's birthday on Scafog. Annetta made yummy munchies including Danish Pancakes (like crepes) which Jonah adored. We had a nice time. Al from Abel Tasman, a Canadian boat, made kava which a mildly intoxicating drink that Samoans (and other Polynesians) drink for ceremonial reasons and just for fun. Its supposed to cure everything and be really good for you. Its tastes mildly foul and is made of a root of a pepper bush. If you are offered it - you can't refuse!

Tomorrow night we leave for Savai'I. We shall stay there for about a week. The boats we met here will be there so it will be nice for Jonah to play with his new friends. I hope there are nice beaches there. We haven't been swimming in weeks. I miss the clear blue anchorages. This anchorage is actually the cleanest city harbor in which we have anchored.