September 11

Fourth day out. We have changed course since the wind seems to not want us to go north and we hate fighting the wind. We are headed for around the middle of the country. We are going to stop before heading to Santo to check in simply because we are so damn tired. I think we are getting old.

It has been an OK passage although the current tack has a rather large swell and we have reduced sail so we will arrive in the morning - as a result we the whole corkscrew effect.

Jonah has been a good kid and hasn't gotten sick. I am feeling ok wearing the patch although I am not tempted to spend a great deal of time downstairs unless I am sleeping. The first couple of days were so peaceful I was able to keep the boat fairly neat and it really helps in making a passage pleasant.

I always think an ocean passage is a very weird thing in that it always is the same - an endless horizon of water. Motion and progress is relative to the outside world but in the middle of the ocean there is nothing. The weather is the only change. The sense of motion and movement towards our goal is only achieved after viewing our position on the charts.