September 9

Here we are on our way out of Fiji. We are just passing the last island in the northwest corner and headed out. Last night we anchored off of Katu and cleaned our prop as it is a bit fouled from sitting in a marina. Jordan was chased out of the water by a small posinous and curious sea snake. My husband squeeked like a rubber ducky as he swam for the ladder. The little snake lifted his head out of the water and followed him. Jonah and I had just come in from swimming and he declared that he is not swimming at this anchorage anymore.

I banged the corner of my eye on the chain locker door and have a big bruise. What a klutz.

A gekko just crawled down the side of the wall and went under the desk near the computer. I guess he is coming with us to Vanuatu! I bet he dies though and smells horrible first.