September 9

Another lovely day in Southern California . Jordan started on his task list albeit the simpler items. I am trying to ignore my work list. Bad Mommy. Its a little weird cause I kind of feel like I am on vacation and feel justified in my sloth until I realize that I dont have to go back to work in a week and this is my life. I really have to snap out of it and get my stuff done. Lets call this Post-Retirement Daze. Jordan is feeling totally overwhelmed and intimidated by his list which has lots of really hard stuff on it that he has never done.  

We decided to rent a car for 2 weeks. We found a good deal at the airport and Jordan is going to pick it up tomorrow. This will make it a lot easier to get stuff done and visit some interesting places.  

Jonah is being a true 4 year old which means constant whining and demands. He loves to scream No I make the rules and you do what I say. Yeah sure kid. Jordan and I are fine until the 4 or 5th episode at which point we start to feel really mean and think about keel-hauling and other forms of old maritime justice. Its weird cause Jonah was such a good kid at sea now he is just normal boy.  

Today, we went back to the playground which he enjoyed and then out to lunch. We have to stop eating out as it is expensive. After lunch, we have the Jonah nap and the parents reprieve. I worked on selecting photos to update the webpage. Jordan worked on boat tasks. When Jonah awoke, we went to Venice Beach ok make that we walked to the beach with Jonah whining My legs hurt my legs hurt. This went on until I thought Dad was going to blow a fuse. Of course when we got to the beach, Jonah had a blast with Dad, they jumped waves until I deemed Jonah was going to turn blue if he stayed in the water any longer. Jonah kept saying Dad, we are having too much fun!