September 7

Here we are still in Pago Pago. We still haven't gotten diesel fuel because the weather turned nasty and its been blowing 20 to 27 knots in the anchorage. Lots of rain. I really wanted to leave here but now we are stuck here for the weekend. I wouldn't want to be out in the ocean - it probably would be a bit rough with lots of squalls. We got our package today - hooray - the laptop is active again. Jonah has really missed playing any of his video games. I really wish there were more kids here - he hasn't had played with any kids since Huahine about a month ago! I have been holding school to help occupy Jonah. He was horrible fidgety and difficult the first day which is usual for the first day after a long lay off. Today Jonah was much better and is really making big strides towards word recognition and beginning reading. In math, we are working on money (US) and learning all the coins and what they are worth. He thinks it a lot of fun because we use his money - he really loves to make coin towers with which we end the lesson.

I really need some sunshine and a quiet, clean anchorage for a bit. Western Samoa should be nice. I am really looking forward to Wallis which is a French territory - very quiet and slow. After that we really head north to Tuvalu - maybe a 4 day passage.