September 6

Some questions/comments continue to arise from friends and family:

“You stop at night – right?”

Incorrect – why stop in the middle of the freaking ocean and, at best, bob uncomfortably and at worst get broad sided by a wave? No No folks - sailing a passage is a constant thing, you just keep going which is why we are so damn tired.  

“This is what your life will be like – constant time at sea.”

No the whole point is to visit and experience interesting parts of the world. We aren’t some crazy record setters – how long can you stay at sea people….we are not racers, we are not trying to prove anything. Jordan said the other night when I asked him why at 4am (it was an intense night) – “ I am just trying to get to some nice beaches!” Of course it is a simplification of our outlook but its not bad. In fact, there will probably be only a handful of passages that are as long or longer during the next 4 years!!!    

“Are you still sea sick”?

No for gods sake no! I got my sea legs. I took no drugs because they cloud your senses and delay the inevitable. I am sure I will get sick another passage or maybe just queasy but hopefully not as severe. On the other hand, I have lost those troublesome 5 pounds!

And oh since my sea sickness seems to have clouded the fact that our wonderful captain puked himself the first day – the difference was he kept working while I curled into a fetal ball only to be roused by him shouting orders.  

“Aren’t you ever scared?”

Oh yeah, but usually doesn’t last long. The other day when the waves were 10 to 12 feet, the wind was blowing gale force (33 Knots) and the boat was skidding down waves – I stuck my head out the compionway and basically went “GULP!” But it wasn’t bone chilling – I hear that doesn’t happen until you get above 40 knots.  

“You must be so relaxed now that you are retired.”

We own a boat. Even now as we head into port – the boat is crusted with dry salt. It must be washed, scrubbed and rinsed. Stainless Steel must be polished. The inside is slightly salty too. Not to mention bedding, towels and clothes that need to be washed. The toiklets  (“head” in Boat talk) are slightly pungent particularly the one Jonah uses. The showers need to be scrubbed with a bleach solution to prevent mold. Jordan has an immediate high importance fix list with 6 items.  

And then for god’s sake, we have to go walk down Venice Beach , find a nice place to eat and sleep. We hope to also do some demanding socializing with friends and family. My uncle, Ludwig and his wife, Jean Reiche live in Santa Barbara and my cousin, Andrea, lives near Santa Monica .