September 3

Last night went so much more smoothly in terms of sleeping. We did some bobbing as the wind died entirely but at least Jordan got some solid sleep.  

When we get to LA, I have reorganize the shipís provisions. It seems everything I really need is in hard to get places and everything I donít need is in easy accessible places. I read all the books and articles but this is very subjective. The best thing I did was to prepare food before we left. We made a meatloaf, pasta, Mac&Cheese and a loaf of P&Jís. This really was helpful in feeding Jonah while seasick and for us to nibble on something without a lot of work. I will definitely do this more extensively for our next offshore passage. Everything is so much harder to do on a moving boat even when you do get your sea legs, I am usually tired or busy with Jonah. The microwave was an excellent addition to our galley despite the amount of energy it sucks. We will have to be more careful with its use on longer passages.  

Jonah asked for lunch the other day and he said ď But Mom I donít want P&J, Mac&Cheese, yogurt or an apple.Ē Ok I get the hint Ė more variety. I have a bunch of stuff hidden away that I bring out to spice things up. Last night he got ice cream!  

This is the longest passage I have been on. Its not as boring as I thought although night watches can get fairly tedious. I guess we are getting into the rhythm of it. I certainly am not reading as much as I had hoped but I was too sick before and now I am just sort of relaxing and spending time with Jonah and Jordan.  

Jordan and I were a bit snippy over the last couple of days and I think the sleep issues were to blame. I feel in a much better mood and I know he will too once he wakes up. I think Jordan was worried that I was having such a miserable time that it was all a big mistake and it was his fault. Get outta here! I am so psyched to go on. I am looking forward to L.A. , San Diego and Mexico and lots more learning about being cruisers.  

End of the day: Long day. Still have spinnaker problems which is great in light winds Ė NOT. Jonah made a mask from construction paper and feathers (with Momís assistance) and he just loved it. He kept looking at himself in the mirror. Jordan make a great hot dog stew with potatoes and onions. Jonah ate it up with gusto. I am bushed today. Must be that sea air.  

Tip of the Day: DO NOT smell socks that you have been wearing for 3 days to see if they smell. Believe me they do.