September 2, 2004

 It's been an age since I wrote a journal. We went to the US for six weeks and I just didn't bother to write about it. We are currently back in the Marshalls doing our "Majuro" thing which means provisioning, fixing things and waiting for mail! We hope to be out of here next week headed for Wojte.

Jonah has a tough time getting back into school like every other kid in the world. Its hard to start your brain up after 8 weeks off.

The boat was dusty, moldy and after we unpacked, a chaotic wreck. After 10 days, we are almost back to normal. Its great to be home although vacation was nice - I really am a homebody! I know it sounds weird because I live on a boat and am traveling but really I am always home, its just the view that changes.

Last night we went to have a night out with all the other Yachties who are here in town. Everyone is on the verge of taking off for different places so it was nice to catch up with everyone. "Roxanne" is left for Northern Atolls today. "Windrunner", "Dancer" and us will probably be leaving over the next week. "Kaimana" is thinking of leaving for Hawaii and "Cardinal Sin" is flying home and will be having crew sail the boat to Hawaii.

Our plans are in a slight flux as we had planned to head for Papua New Guinea but there has been an increase in crime against Yachties there that has made us slightly uncomfortable. We are still headed west but are debating the exact route.