September 2

Today went ok. I was grumpy from lack of sleep – that graveyard shift just kills me. The winds were so light and in the wrong direction – we had to motor some and motoring makes us all grumpy. In the afternoon, the wind picked up and all is well on the Queen Jane. This boat moves like such a lovely lady in some wind. Ok so she isn’t a light wind boat but we wanted a smooth ride and that’s what she gives us.

Jordan and I are still having a hard time sleeping. I am in bed usually punctuated by working the sails and taking care of Jonah. Jonah is taking care of himself primarily particularly in the case of entertaining himself. What a good boy. A trip to the toy store in LA has been promised- oh and the bookstore.  

I had a little accident today with the starboard sheet winch – it freaked and after I cranked the handle spun back and hit me hard in the right arm right above my wrist. I thought I had not tightened it down and it did it again. I think its something with the self tailer. It hurt like hell and I packed it with ice and have another great bruise. I cried like a baby mostly cause the pain made me nauseous and I was so scared I was going to get seasick again. It on a major tendon so my hand aches too. Plus I got 8 zillion bruises on my legs from leaning strange places while working. They really need to make a padded version of foulie overalls for us ladies who bruise easily.

Getting email from family has been cool – has made me feel a bit connected. Certainly the weather information has been great. I wish voice recognition software was better and I could dictate my journals.