September 1

Ok – I am doing way better. Jordan and I are getting into the groove of sailing a passage. It seems to be lots of puking punctuated by lots of hard work! Just because my stomach is still queasy I will keep the vomit discussions to a minimum.  

I saw dolphins today – 4 of them swam with the boat surfacing with loud breaths and inhales. Boy are they fast.  

Jordan continues to do an amazing job as skipper although he is very hard on himself. My main goal is to be there when he needs muscle. I have so much to learn about everything – I am not a great solo sailor and rely on Jordan to make most decisions. My first goal is to become a good support person then I will move on to more. We are perfecting power napping which basically means if you aren’t doing some essential activity – you are lying down and resting. We are both having a difficult time getting lots of sleep in so constant resting is our solution. Jordan got really exhausted the first 2 days when I was really sick and the skipper can not do that because then he starts making stupid choices.  

Jonah is being a great kid. He has battled seasickness the first day then he was fine except when we motor then he turns green and blows. We are working on convincing him the importance of the bucket. The other day I asked him if he needed the bucket and he said “No but why don’t you leave it here just in case.” We have let him watch as many movies as he wants which he thinks is great fun but he has also done an awesome job of amusing himself. Of course then there is snuggling in Mom and Dad’s bed for some power napping. Jonah’s journals will be coming – Mom is a bit busy but as soon as possible she will be interviewing Jonah for some enteries on his page.  

This is lots of hard work. Every now and then Jordan shouts during some exhausting moment “Are you having fun yet?” Humm…well it aint a weekend at the Spa but it is challenging and rewarding.  It will be way more fun when it isn’t so freaking cold!! Brr I have the 2 to 5 am shift – brr -  talk about huddling under the dodger. This is wearing my full Henri Lloyd  foulies, 2 fleeces, pants and a t-shirt. Ok got to rest up.