August 29


I love when people ask me specific things. For example, how do you kill a large 15 to 30 pound fish. Answer - stick a pair of needle nose pliers in its brain. The trick is knowing where the damn brain is! But sometimes they are dead when you pull them on board. I think its shock but who knows. If they are really frisky, we gaff them with a the gaff. A gaff is a long stick with a very sharp hook of metal on the end. Ok, so email me.

We are in Pago Pago currently. We were supposed to stop at some small island east of Pago Pago but we had poor information and couldn't find a good anchorage before evening. We had to push on to Pago Pago which was only 60 miles away and (of course) the wind picked up to 25 knots which would have brought us in a 2 am so we reefed the main and took in the genoa. We still made 5 to 6 knots. Murphy's law. Here we are - it is a dumpy little town but the island is still very pretty. There are huge tuna factories on shore which are noisy and smelly. We have pretty much decided to buy all the American brand groceries as quickly as we can and then leave to finish provisioning in Apia in Independent Samoa. I haven't seen the grocery stores yet so I am crossing my fingers. There is so much less here then I imagined. Papeete had more stores and selection. NO good bread either - the American influence. It is nice to have everyone speak English! It makes it easier to find stuff.

It has been a hard 1000 miles since French Polynesia and I am looking forward to relaxing in Independent Samoa.