August 28

Finally – here we are in Neah Bay. After spending the night at Mats Mats Bay, we proceeded north and west to Port Angeles. We dropped anchor and I should have known better cause it didn’t feel right but we dragged a bit when we awoke from napping. When we pulled it up – it was covered with kelp. We spent the night at the dock which was very pleasant as we were able to relax and sleep. We were up early this morning and off on our way – motoring unfortunately. The ocean swells were cool as it gave us an opportunity to start to get our balance.  

I started school today because I just was too tired to think up any more activities so I opened my teachers syllabus and had our first day of kindergarten. Jonah is starting a year early as is appropriate for his skill set. I am going to slow the course down and certain things like writing might really take another year. Jonah was very excited and we did our first Math Lesson which was about understanding spatial concepts (i.e. the cat is on the chair, in the cupboard etc). We read a poem about cats too and discussed it. Our reading was another poem and we enjoyed that thoroughly. I decided to bag the arts and crafts section which was making a kite – it was way too rolly for Mom downstairs and we were not going to do that in the cockpit. I found some alphabet cards that needed to be ripped along perforations and Jonah really enjoyed doing that – we then spelled our names out and he found most of the letters.  

After that I let him watch some video till lunch was ready but unfortunately he got seasick. I got him a plastic bag and he got most of it in the bag. We then made a little bed for him in the cockpit where he snoozed for 2+ hours and when he awoke he was fine. Unfortunately as soon as he went to bed – I no longer had a focus and got dreadfully queasy but I kept my lunch down. I fought it and finally felt better by the time we got to Neah Bay. The busier I am – the better.  

In general, Jonah is being wonderful. I was so worried but he is a real trooper. Even when he was seasick – he managed a laugh when Dad told him everyone gets seasick particularly Mommy who pukes all the time – Jonah thought that was very funny. Yeah sure. We read lots of books in the afternoon and he occupied himself for an hour playing horsey with a stick he found.

Jordan made an awesome dinner – rice, beans with sausage and shrimp. Yummy. We have so much wonderful food packed on board – we are going to eat like Kings for the next month. I am really tired now. Time to collapse. I really have to focus on the concept of balancing tomorrow. Simple things