August 27

We left Suvarov on Sunday. Saturday was my birthday and we had a fairly mellow celebration. The wind eased up and the anchorage was actually comfortable. We went to shore and walked around. We came upon the most amazing site - a small moray eel killing and devouring a crab. This type of moray is the type that forages near the shore for food and spends time out of the water while hunting. It was fascinating. It would knot itself up and then pass the knot over the crab - effectively shredding the crab with repeated passes and gobbling up the pieces . Jonah was thrilled.

Sunday we departed for American Samoa. We are going downwind which I always find makes me slightly queasy. At this point though I don't get sick and the seasickness medicine just makes me queasy in a different way so I am going "au natural". It is very odd but I find my sinuses act up and I get a slight headache as an outcome of this mild seasickness. Well I guess it's a huge improvement over barfing and curling into a fetal ball crying.

Jonah is thoroughly bored with all his videos and is demanding some interaction this trip. Yikes I hope they have a good video selection in Samoa because Mom needs to nap. I do the graveyard shift as usual.

We are currently motor sailing to try to get to our destination before dark tomorrow, otherwise we will have to heave to and spend another night at sea. I wish we had a faster, lighter boat sometimes... I actually am disliking passages more and more. I love getting to new places or it would be intolerable but the fact of sailing for days has lost its excitement. I guess I am doing this not so much to sail huge distances but to see cool places. I do find myself dreaming of spending some time away from the boat but I think that is normal, everyone needs a vacation from the everyday.

The boat really needs a good cleaning, it was too bumpy at Suvarov. In addition, I really need to do some deck scrubbing and paint some wood. Work work work.

We caught a Mahi-Mahi today. Around 12 pounds. It was beautiful. Amazing colors on the fish. Wow. Jonah yelled and screamed encouragement while Dad hauled it in on the deck. He just loves when we land fish. I wish he was old enough to wash all the damm blood off the deck but its worth it for fresh fish.