August 26

What a hectic morning! Returning car rentals and retrieving Jonah. It felt extremely unreal. Yesterday I was so excited I thought my heart would burst but today it just felt odd. Good-bye Seattle! Jonah cried this morning saying he didn’t want to leave but later I when I asked him if he wanted to wave good-bye he said he would prefer to watch his video. I am letting him skip nap today and pretty much do what he wants. I figure he will go to bed early this way – god knows I am. He got a cool flying car from his friend CJ for his Batman so he is pretty happy. I am a wee bit hung over but mostly because I am a lightweight – I only had 2 beer and 2 drinks. We are motoring (of course this is Puget Sound!) and I hate the drone.  

I will miss Seattle because of the good years we had there and all the wonderful things that happened there. It is sad to leave the good friends as good friends are hard to find. In addition, having a baby just really killed our social life – not to mention working in High Tech. There were many people I wish I had gotten to know better but simply due to work and family – I did not have the time or the energy. Anyway – onward ho and early to bed