August 24

Here we are in Suvarov. Yikes - what a trip, too much motoring and the minute we get here the wind picks up to 20 knots. Just our luck. The anchorage is bumpy and rocky - it feels like we are still at sea. Ok the place is beautiful - the palm covered motus are lovely and the water is clear - at least when it is not blowing 20 knots. All the stuff written about this place - well it is hard to measure up. Its sort of like going to Walden Pond today after reading about it in Thoreau's Walden. The place in the writer's mind was a subjective projection of their own ideas on solitude, reverie and nature. These things really are dependent on a time in both the place's existence and a time in the visitors experience.

There are caretakers who live here full time as the island is a national park of the Cook Islands. They are nice guys but going and hanging out in front of someone's house is not my idea of splendid isolation. When we went to shore they offered us drinking nuts which I love and I slurped mine down. Jonah loved it cause they have a swing so life is good. Today I was pushing him and he said "Mom I feel like I am flying!". Being a kid is pretty wonderful.

There are some other boats here but no one we really know - and all of them are headed for New Zealand so we won't ever see them again anyway. We are talking about leaving tomorrow and stopping in some small islands near Samoa. I think it is a wise choice.

Jordan made an awesome Chinese dinner tonight and we discussed the next leg of the trip. It is a bit intimidating because we will be going off the beaten track - on the other hand it will be very exciting.