August 18

Another day of motoring - yuck. Last night the wind picked up and we sailed all night. It was lovely particularly when I was off watch and could catch some peaceful sleep. By the time the sun was up and the heat set in, the wind died. I mean died. We have big pond conditions out there right now. Actually there is a big swell which would be terribly uncomfortable if we weren't motoring.

The VCR is acting strange again and the laptop is out of commission! Aargh. I have been playing with Jonah all day. He is going through an attempt at control the Mommy and Daddy but we are trying to be firm without keelhauling him. He has come up with some humdingers - including stamping his foot and saying in a proclaiming voice "I make the rules!". We are somewhat successful at the insistence on asking for something before whining and crying. We did a bit of school today and he was pretty good but I get so mellow on a passage - I just feel like lying in bed or the cockpit and reading.

I think we have another 3 days to go till we get to Suvarov. I am glad we will be staying a week before pushing on to Samoa. It is my birthday next week. I am at an age where birthdays are celebrated by the decade (this birthday is not one of those) and mostly with other aging friends with whom one can get drunk. I have had a blast this last year perhaps I would like to have not been such a ninny sometimes (gee that goes for my whole life) but hey - I am on a lovely yacht traveling the world with a wonderful husband and a sweetie little boy. So I guess all I can bitch about is the southward drift of body parts.