August 16

Here we are on passage to Suvarov. It's been a while since we have done a 5 day passage and we have forgotten the vibe. We are both getting back into but we are going downwind and we have a slightly unpleasant slew to the boat. Jonah started getting sick soon after we left last night but this morning is improving. The wind (11 knots) is light and we are barely going 5 knots. When the wind picka up to 15+ knots we don't feel the slew of the boat as much, but it always comes back to around 10-12.

I am entering my usual dazed self for making the passage. I slept terribly last night as the rig was clanging. I think I need a nap. Its going to be a long trip.

We bought a satellite phone for $600 and have already made a couple of calls home. Its about 1.45 a minute so calls will be kept brief - unless someone calls us!

I am sad to leave French Polynesia. I feel we are entering a whole new phase of the trip. I am excited about Micronesia but there is a lot of sailing to go! Its hard work sailing a boat like this. I will enjoy relaxing in Suvarov.