August 11

Uncle Danny (Jordan's brother) has come and gone. Danny was a great guest despite drinking great quantities of rum and vodka. Just joking - well not really. Danny always helped out by picking up and doing dishes. Danny's visit caused us to move around going to different places so that Danny could see a lot of different places. It was interesting because we normally stay longer in each anchorage. This current anchorage has been the most beautiful - save the best for last. Two days ago we anchored right off the main pass to the east in Raiatea and did some dives off of there. Jordan and Danny went twice and Danny and I dove once together. Both times I drove the dingy I totally lost track of them due to weather and light reflection. Luckily they floated a while and eventually I saw them.

Jonah was devastated as Danny's water taxi pulled away from our boat. He sobbed with so much feeling Jordan and I both felt really sad for him and us being so far from people we love. We arranged a water taxi from the quiet little anchorage on the Northeast corner of Taha'a to bring Danny to the airport in Raiatea. This is a lovely anchorage and probably will not be beat for a long time. We have stunning views of Bora-Bora and Huahine. A huge stretch of turquoise water in front of us. Little charming sand beaches on the motus. Its wonderful.

Today we went for lunch to a motu 2 miles away. It was owned by a young French couple who lived there and just opened this charming tropical restaurant called the Taha'a Grill. The food was delicious and impeccably prepared. Very expensive but that's what you get when you want to eat good food in the middle of nowhere on a private motu. We saw 2 huge stingrays on the ride over.

Why am I going on a long exhausting ocean voyage - oh yeah to get to the next beautiful place - 7 days to Suvarov. There are possible stops on the way but I think we might just go for it if the wind is good. We will stay a week relaxing then onto Samoa - a 4 day passage. Lots of sailing in the future. Lots less people after Samoa. We have to really prep the boat to leave - lots of stuff to store away and more food to purchase. I think we might leave Tuesday morning.