August 7

I have taken a good deal of time off from writing journals. We enjoyed Huahine thoroughly. I loved the town and the anchorage was awesome. We did a dive which was ok but couldn't dive the pass as it was always flowing out and didn't feel comfortable doing it. The local dive operators take people in the pass but they know it very well.

Danny, Jordan's brother, decided to come visit on the spur of the moment and arrived on August 4. We spent a day in town - and Jordan and Danny did a dive outside the pass. We moved down to the southern anchorage where there was supposedly great holding and a great beach. We found neither. The beach was a gravely coral like most of the beaches in French Polynesia. We spun on our anchor which forced the chain under it popping it up and we got hit with 30 knot gusts which drove us sideways onto a sandbank. Jordan got us off by taking a second anchor out into deep water and attaching it to a halyard which we then cranked in and popped off the sand bank. We had a hard time re-anchoring as it was dark and we ended up a wee bit close to another boat so Jordan and I took watches to make sure all was ok.

We left early in the morning. The seas had a heavy steep swell and were coming under our stern. Yuck. Jonah got sick again. I was too tired to get sick as I had taken the 4am to morning anchor watch and never got any rest. We came into the pass and it was really rough inside. We were all a wee bit grumpy. We pulled anchor and moved a bit and found an ok spot with a great view. The pass was too rough to dive as the seas were coming in from the south-east and it was a east facing pass.

The next morning we left for another pass on the west side. We stayed on the inside of the reef. Raiatea and Taha'a are two islands surrounded by one reef. Taha'a is north (on top) of Raiatea and so we went around the south side of Taha'a. It was a lovely trip but when we go to the west pass of Taha'a we could not found a place to anchor near the pass. We tried but the anchor went too deep - Jordan wanted to try again but I didn't like it as it was deep and then very shallow and it is very tricky to anchor in that. We decide to move north and find a nice motu to anchor behind. When we go to the first one, some Kiwis we know where just pulling anchor and we asked about the anchorage - he said it sucked as it was so close to the motu that they got tortured by mosquitoes the night before. We followed them to another spot they had scoped out. It has a great view of Bora-Bora and has good holding in around 12 feet of water.

Leeway, the New Zealand boat, invited us to the beach for a game of patonq (a game of balls). We had a blast, drank a lot and goofed off with a gang of people which included John and his wife (who is blind) from Emanuel. We met Emanuel on the radio on the passage overnight from Moorea - they were close and so we chatted. John told us he would keep a good distance as his wife was taking watch and she was blind! We thought he was joking but he wasn't. The other people were there were Lindsey, a lovely sweet girl, crew on Leeway and a couple who are visiting Paul and Chrissie, owners of Leeway. Jonah loves beach time and it was a great beach with real sand and nice shallow to deep sandy bottom in the swimming area. Jonah made friends with some older French girls and he played with them most of the afternoon.