July 31

Last day of the month. Wow this month flew by. We are still in Huahine but we moved anchorages to the little town on the west side. It is so cute and very picturesque. The water is clear and clean. We had a bit of trouble dropping anchor as there was on crushed coral on the bottom and the anchor refused to bite. On the third try we managed to find a patch of sand and she dug in. Our friends from Skive stopped by as they were in town doing grocery shopping but are staying at the other anchorage. We hope to catch up with them in Raiatea despite having them over for dinner and talking politics! It is interesting because being English (him) and German (her) - their perceptions are slightly different from our world view.

We went into town and ate lunch at a restaurant right on the water. It was yummy! I had Mahi Mahi with a spicy coconut sauce. We had money exchanged and we did some grocery shopping. The market here is fairly well stocked and had fresh vegetables. They grow a lot on this island although we couldn't find any cantaloupes and melons in the market that we saw on the dock in boxes for Tahiti.

Kaien and crew are anchored not far from us. We have known them since being neighbors at the marina in Puerto Vallarta. They have nice kids and we enjoy Nikki and Campbell's company.

I am tired as we were up at 7am going non stop. Jonah has been an angel today and is excited to be in a town as there is always ice cream in towns!