July 29

Well, we were about to leave for the town on the other side of Huahine but a front moved in and it has been pouring buckets for the last 24 hours. Every single one of our little leaks are proving their existence - all of them being in or around our evil portlights. The winds are supposed to be around 30 knots and the sea lumpy. Humm. Oh well. We are a bit bored today as this is the second day of rain and we are getting a bit antsy. Jordan is making bread and we are reading a lot of books! Luckily Jonah has a playmate in the anchorage so he is happy. There are currently 3 other boats in the anchorage - one with the little girl Hannah, and the other two are couples we have met very briefly. They seem lovely but socializing is not big in the rain and we are bit over socialized i.e. we are cranky rude people who are hiding out in our boat!

Bread is ready - gotta go...

Oh my god - the wind and the rain picked up and we topped out at 32 knots of wind with a driving rain. It hurt to go outside. The dinghy almost flipped and the most we could do was move it to the side of the boat in hopes that it couldn't flip there. Jordan let out more chain and we picked up various objects that threatened to go airborne.