July 26

Here we are in Huahine. Its really lovely - very mountainous and green. Its really two islands surrounded by a coral reef. We are on the eastern side because its quiet. There are only 4 other boats in a huge anchorage and one of them has a little girl Jonah's age! They had met once before at another anchorage. They played very happily yesterday. Her name is Hannah (different Hannah from the one from the boat Attitude). Parents are Ian and Erika - English and German respectively. Lovely people and equally thrilled to find a playmate for their kid.

The trip from Moorea was fine except neither Jordan or I could sleep as the wind was light and the sails were making lots of noise. It takes a while to get into sleeping in shifts and the first night is always hard. It makes it hard on an overnight passage. Jonah got very sick having lost his sea legs. I found out that bile does stain upholstery! Yikes poor kid. He recovered nicely and as soon as we dropped anchor he was eating like a horse.

The day arrived we slept and rested. Yesterday we did laundry and boat stuff. In the afternoon we went looking for a beach that someone told us about but it was not great although looking for it was fun. We met Hannah and parents on the beach and the kids dug and played in the sand. We had drinks together and had a lovely time. They dive and wonder how we manage it with a kid. We explain Jonah sits in the dingy with the dingy driver when we find another couple who likes to dive. I guess we are going to dive together. The passes on this side might be rough so we might go to the southern harbor or to the western harbor to dive. I am psyched as I miss diving. I am still fighting a vicious cold/flu thang that makes my head feel woozy and my throat sore. It sucks having a cold in paradise.