July 23

Today Jonah had his tooth extracted at the dentist. We did this here since Jordan's and Jonah's trip home will be fairly tight and they will just have time for the orthodontist to put in the spacer.

The Belgian (I called him French to his face and I got set straight) dentist is a bit of a character. His dusty third floor office contains modern equipment but there is an air of disorder in the place. He is rather brusque and impatient man perhaps not the best choice for a children's dentist but we don't have the luxury of choice out here. Jonah was terrified and despite the dentist assurances that it would hurt no more than a pinch there was much howling and screaming. Actually the dentist actually finally screamed at Jonah and Jordan informed him that shouting at Jonah was his job and not the dentist. The dentist kept up a constant patter during the entire visit. He didn't want the parents in the room while he worked but Jonah finally insisted at the sight of the large needle that we come in. The dentist said fine your mamma or your papa and of course Jonah was unable to choose and which point the dentist snapped at him "come on which one - we don't have all day." I went in but I was really just tried to get him to relax so the doctor could finish the Novocain. The dentist couldn't use laughing gas as there is a risk involved with it and he said the hospital could not be trusted to help. Ah the third world. The tooth was pulled with a lot of screaming and blood being spit around. Jonah couldn't wait to get out of there.

It has finally stopped raining!!! It is sunny, breezy and pleasant. I did two loads of laundry since Jordan and Jonah needed clean clothes to go back to the US.

Jonah has a friend over to play and they are playing some make believe games involving Pokemon.