July 22

Today was the last day of Jon and Barbara's visit. We had another brutal day - buffet breakfast, lying around at the pool, lunch and back to the boat for Jonah's afternoon nap. Unfortunately, then we worked on the water maker - actually Jordan worked and I was tool girl (ie. getting him whatever he needs). Then back in for another huge dinner and sad farewells.

The trip back to the boat was finally easy. Let me explain: the hotel is around a half a mile from where we are anchored. There is a path (barely marked with sticks) through the coral for small boats from the anchorage to the hotel but since the sun sets at 5:30 - you have to be fairly cautious. The first night we came back we crashed into several patches of coral with the dinghy. We got gradually better as we realized a flashlight really helps but the route back is fairly narrow and we would regularly find ourselves surrounded by coral heads in our zodiac shouting at each other - "GO right - No slow down - What? Speak up!" Jonah seemed to be delighted that we found the boat every night - I guess our behavior did not impart great confidence.

We went snorkeling off the boat the other day with Barb and Jon. It was Barbara's first time snorkeling and she did great. She really enjoyed seeing all the fishes and got into the swing of things. The coral has lots of interesting fish - we saw octopus, lots of different pretty reef fish and even a huge anemone. I swam out and came face to face with a black tip reef shark - he was more shocked than I was and quickly made himself scarce. Barbara and Jon went snorkeling again near the hotel and new she wants to snorkel on her next vacation!

I am a couple of pounds heavier after this week and in need of some simple eating after the rich food of a fancy restaurant all week. My cold is ok although its gone into my sinus and I am imitating Felix Unger (Odd Couple - if you don't know I cant explain).

The anchorage is full as the pack of yachties is moving on to the rest of the Societies from Tahiti. They have to be in New Zealand by November. I hope to see some more of the people we know at the other islands. We are leaving for Huahine tomorrow before sunset. It is an overnight sail. There is a crescent moon so it should be a nice sail - I hope there is wind.