July 18

I failed to mention in my last journal entry that Navadra is a small island in the Northern Mamanuthas in Fiji. We decided to spend another day relaxing. We went snorkeling twice because Jonah demanded it. He is getting really good at free diving and gets down to around 15+ feet. We went back to the point in the afternoon for our second snorkel and saw a white tip reef shark around 4 feet long. I thought Jonah was going to freak so I swam casually up to him and told him to swim back to the dinghy because I saw a shark. I started swimming and was almost at the dingy and I look back and Jonah had stopped swimming to watch the shark. The shark gave us a wide berth and disappeared over the wall. Jonah was very excited to have seen the shark. In fact I initially misidentified it as a black tip and when I got back to the boat I realized the fins were tipped with white. Jonah and I looked at sharks in the Dangerous Marine Animals book - one of his favorite books - correctly identified the shark.

After our second snorkel expedition, we went to the beach where we hung out with the folks from "Optimum Trust", Tom, his 10 year old daughter, Katie, who is visiting and Jo, a young British Backpacker who is crewing for a couple of weeks. Tom had been stuck in Vuda Point with the same problem as us and it took almost as long - needless to say we got to know him fairly well. Jonah ran around like a puppy dog on the beach and declared that he wanted to build a house and live here forever.