July 16

Here we are in Navadra. It is a cute anchorage and the swell has calmed down. It is still very overcast unfortunately. We went for a walk on the beach. Jonah was in heaven running around and playing with some girls from another boat. The sand is awesome and the beach here is one of the nicest we have seen. Afterwards we had a nice lunch and relaxed on the boat. In the afternoon we went snorkeling off the point. Jonah was amazing swimming by himself and trying to free dive down. He still can't use the snorkel effectively but he is a strong enough swimmer to paddle along while he takes a breath of air when he needs it. We saw some nice huge hard corals and a type of anemone. The surge kicked up too much sand shallow and it probably would have made a pleasant shallow dive as there was a nice steep wall that went to about 60 feet. We may go depending on how long we stay here.

We still believe the alignment of our shaft to be incorrect and we are going to attempt to check and realign it ourselves tomorrow. Got to empty the storage lockers in the cockpit - my favorite upper body workout.

Tonight Chinese food courtesy of Jordan. Can't wait