July 16

We are just outside Opanuha Bay on Moorea. It is a lovely anchorage in a lagoon about a half a mile from the hotel. It is a bit tricky at night in the dingy to get back to the boat without hitting coral. The Hotel is lovely - all bungalows with cabins over the water and on the beach. I think its very expensive but all hotels here in Polynesia are very expensive. Jonah is staying with his grandparents tonight - yeah the parents have a night alone!! They have an old fashioned bathtub on claws and he loves to take baths as he is denied this pleasure on the Queen Jane.

We will have some more pool time tomorrow. Brutal work but someone must. I want to snorkel the reef although the variety of animals is probably not going to be like the Tuomotus. There is supposed to be a nice wall dive outside the pass but I don't know if we can swing it with guests visiting. We will be doing a lot of diving soon so I guess we will probably skip it. I am definitely having a lazy week. I swam a couple of laps today around the anchorage as I felt sedentary. I always eat a lot when people visit.

The Island of Moorea is a volcanic island, lush and green with tall peaks. It is hot in the sun but not too humid. There are mosquitoes but a reasonable amount. There are a bunch of boats we know here - the boats will probably stay roughly together as we all proceed thru the Society Islands. Most boats are headed to New Zealand - we are doing the less popular route through Micronesia. Nevertheless we have heard of several boats going our way although we have yet to meet any of them.