July 15

Yes! We made it out of the marina today. Its unreal to me and so many setbacks - we were there for five and a half weeks! We were supposed to leave yesterday but one of our batteries went bad. Jordan noticed the seat in the cockpit was warm and realized that one of the batteries had blown its safety valve and was venting gas. We have a sealed Gel batteries. Lucky for us it didn't explode. Jordan unhooked it from the series and we have 3 batteries left.

We are nervous about our transmission as we are still unsure about the alignment. Jordan is going to try to check it tomorrow.

We are currently anchored near two little islands in the northern Mammanucas of Fiji. It is a bit rolly but so lovely. We removed the screens from the hatches and a cool breeze is flowing thru the boat.

I am so happy to be out and cruising finally. I am really tired from all the stress of the last couple of days. Another boat we know, Optimum Trust, is anchored here and they are doing a BBQ on the beach, but we are thinking about just staying by ourselves.