July 12

We are really enjoying our stay at Maeva Beach. Jordan is working on the generator...endless problems. I am working on painting wood and letting Jonah socialize a lot. There are tons of kids on boats here. We met two lovely boys (4 and 6) on an Aussie boat - Jonah spent the day with them going to the beach and MacDonald's - kid heaven. There is an awesome supermarket near the marina - it is amazing. We catch "le Truck" into the city to do stuff. ""Le Truck" is really just a bus built on the flatbed of a truck - the seats are wooden planks and it is fairly primitive but they get you there.

Yesterday we found Silent Sound down here as they moved anchorages and Jonah played with Harry. Last night we had "BifRost" for dinner - they are the Aussies with the two little boys. We had a lovely time. Greg and Leonie have circumnavigated the globe and are very experienced sailors. Tonight we had Dave from Blue Yonder for cocktails. His wife is the US helping plan her daughter's wedding and she will be back tomorrow. We hope to catch up with them in Moorea. Life can get very social at anchor!

Today the wind picked up and swung all the boats in a new direction. Jordan snorkeled the anchor and decided he needed more chain out. The result was that we almost crashed into another boat. All hands were on deck fending off and people came over to help. We pulled our anchor and moved off to re-anchor. A bit of excitement.

Tomorrow I go fruit and veggie shopping and we leave Saturday morning. Jordan is going to have one last go at the generator as a piece he needed fabricated will be done tomorrow. July 14 is Bastille Day and Papeete gets very serious about the celebration. We will enjoy the peace of Moorea and are very excited to see Jon and Barbara Bigel.