July 7, 2004

 We are back in Majuro. It's kind of nice since we know so many people here. It can get to be a busy social time but it is rather nice after months of quiet in the outer atolls. Jonah immediately went and spent two days with his friend Alan which was great for us. We took Alan for a two days but it is harder on a boat with two kids!

Yesterday we went to the American Embassy for July 4th party. They had it on the sixth because the ambassador went to Kwajalein for the 4th to celebrate. I heard they had fireworks and a big party. The party that they threw here was modest but nice. The ambassador is a woman named Greta Morris and she seems very nice. The speeches were predictably the current administration line on war and patriotism. Jonah enjoyed himself a great deal and stood very straight with his hand on his heart during the national anthem. He was thrilled that the party decorations were all red, white and blue. There were two little Australian boys that he played with and ran around till they were exhausted. Apparently they caught grasshoppers and put them on girls heads and played "Fox in the Chickens" (we had no idea what that was till he explained it) which we informed Jonah was really called "Tag" in the US.

I had a chance to say good bye to Dr. Robin McIntyre, a lovely lady with whom we have become friends. She is leaving here and going to work in Fiji which is closer to New Zealand, her home. We will miss her a great deal.

After spending almost 4 years in the Pacific, we have made many friends and it feels like home. We enjoy the people and the countries here. It makes me sad to think of leaving them all behind.

We are busy doing boat tasks and prep to leave the boat for our visit home. Of course it is blazing hot which means everything takes longer. We are not doing school and probably won't till we come back. It is like a real summer vacation!