July 5

We are back in Port Villa after 5 days at Mele Island. There is some heavy wind coming and we will probably hang here for a while till it passes. We are anchored right behind a little coral reef near town. It is a pleasant place.

We really enjoyed Mele Island. Jonah met some local kids on the beach with whom he played. We would snorkel almost everyday. Jordan did a bunch of dives but I only did one day.

The last night there suddenly we got a huge swell from the south and the anchorage became very uncomfortable. Everyone got crabby right away which is a side effect of being thrown across your residence every minute. We had to put up the lee cloth for Jonah. Everything gets banged around and anything not secured goes flying (who put that damn bowl on the stairs).

No kid boats around and that is a bummer. We heard on from some friends in New Cal and then said their friends with kids are going to be here soon!!