July 5

Location: Papeete

The days seem to be flying by here in Papeete. We are so busy every day doing stuff like provisioning and trying to find certain stores. We are leaving Saturday morning for the Southern part of Tahiti for some quiet time - we have to come back to get a part for the generator and then off to Moorea. I really need some quiet time in a nice anchorage - I feel a bit overwhelmed here in the big city.

Jonah is really enjoying the time here as he has a little play pal, Harry, who is 1 boat away from us. They see each other every day as both Stella and I are trying to accommodate our sons and combat the loneliness for friends that our sons often feel. There is general lack of young children on boats. In reading books and magazines, it always seemed that there are lots of kids on boats. It is not true but the families that are out here make an effort to travel with boats with other kids or hook up frequently so that the kids can play. Once we leave French Polynesia it will be easier for Jonah to hook up with local kids as the language will be English in most of Micronesia.

I really have enjoyed Papeete in many ways. The locals are so darn nice. Most speak some English and are very helpful. In traffic, everyone stops for a pedestrian. You can be at the busiest road and as soon as your foot hits the curb all the cars stop. Its so nice. The city market place has wonderful veggie and fish stalls. The supermarket near our boat would not be out of place in NYC. The prices are fairly decent as the exchange rate is great right now. But meat is not cheap and chicken is ridiculous. Extremely expensive. I guess we are eating fish or beef till American Samoa.

Jordan and I reviewed our itinerary for the next year and modified it some. We have decided not to sail to Hong Kong from the Philippines due to seasonal storms at the time we would be there so we are going from the Philippines to Singapore. We can fly to China for a visit. Next summer we will spend in the US visiting family. We researched marinas in Singapore and found a lovely one where our boat will be safe.