July 2

Location: Papeete

Today we ran around like crazy people getting stuff done. We went with Stella and Harry. Harry and Jonah had a great time running like puppies in between us and around. We had to go to immigration, customs and the Harbor Master. Then we went to the Bank for cash and the High Commissioner's Office for Visas extensions which aren't ready yet. Phew! We weren't done yet. Off we went to order a new bow roller at a machine shop, the hardware store and a Nautical Sports store. We staggered to a nearby café for lunch and then went back to the boat so everyone could get a nap. After a nap we grabbed a bus to find this dive store we attempted to find before and finally found today. When we were looking for this place - apparently down a dirt road somewhere in Maeva Beach - we wandered into the Maeva Beach Hotel and desperate for a drink went to the Hotel Bar by the pool. It was lovely and Jonah went swimming in his undies cause it was so inviting and cool. Eventually we found the dive store which is closed on Mondays - grrr - but we knocked at the door and the guy happened to be there so he let us in anyway. He didn't speak English and I spoke my lousy French and we bought a bunch of stuff. Jordan wanted to go out tonight but I begged him to stop at a supermarket near our boat so we could relax and not walk anywhere.

Nice quiet evening with music in the air. We can hear the music from the performances down the quay. They were drumming and singing tonight. It was great.