July 1

Location: Papeete

Wow here we are. We arrived after a 3 day passage and it happened to be a major local holiday - a kind of "Celebrate French Polynesia" day. We anchored in town off the main boulevard. This entails anchoring and then tying two stern lines to land. This can be complex if there is a breeze not favorable to lying naturally like that. Of course a brisk 12 knot breeze sprang up as we approached. Luckily a bunch of cruisers jumped in their dinghies to help get the lines to land. We had been told we needed 2 200 foot lines but we figured 160 was good enough. Incorrect! Jordan was digging up extra line and tying it quickly before we started swinging. One of the dinghies had a 25 HP engine on it so they helped by pushing us in place. Unfortunately my migraine headache roared out the moment we were ok and I collapsed on the bed. Jordan took Jonah for dinner on the quay at these food trucks that serve some of the most delicious food in Papeete. While they were eating by the water the fireworks started. The firework barges were parked about a quarter mile in front of our boat and despite the humor of having a migraine with huge fireworks going off essentially right in front of our boat - I crawled to the bowsprit and enjoyed the show.

The next day we ran around Papeete figuring out the lay of the land, posting new pictures on our website and eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant. We went to Maeva Beach to find a dive shop but didn't due to bad directions. The anchorage out there looks really lovely and we will go spend a couple of days there. Its only about 4 miles away. We did find a very modern supermarket where we pursued and purchased a variety of Jonah snack items as we are totally out of stuff for his snacks. Jordan made a delicious dinner from the Yellow fin we caught on the way in to Papeete. We collapsed in bed with aching feet and a couple of blisters.

Today was Sunday which in French Polynesia the pace slows down and everything shuts down. Harry, a five year old from Silent Sound, came to play with Jonah in the morning while the parents worked on changing the oil. We went out to see if anything was open and we found a bunch of stores that stay open that are near the cruise ship dock so we finally picked up our Beige mail (which is different from our Ham email account) after 3months! Yikes. I have a lot of mail to write. We stopped at a café on the waterfront which ended up being very reasonable and delicious. We called Rita, Jordan's mom, at her place in the Berkshires. It was so good to hear familiar voices although I can never relax on those super long distance calls - I keep thinking this must be really expensive! We headed back to the boat for an afternoon siesta. Jordan and I worked on our cruising plan for the next 8 months. So many places to see and such little time. We even discussed spending a second season here but I think we will push on. I really like French Polynesia and definitely see spending more time here. Next time around I guess.

We are eating in tonight. Probably just scrounge up some nibbles. Perhaps we will stay awake long enough to watch a movie...