June 28

Jonah is very sick. He has what's called the Fiji Flu. He has had a high fever of 102 and has been achy and crying. Its been so long since he has gotten really sick that the first day he was a bit scared. He had a lot of general aches from the fever and it made him cry. I have talked to others and they say it runs pretty much the same 2 or 3 days of fever and a week of general weakness. Jonah might do better since he is a kid and they always seem to bounce back faster from illness. But he is really out of it - hell I gave a new set of Lego and he didn't even care!!! I have been showering him in cold water when his temp gets too high, which he hates. Last night I told him we had cool him down and he reluctantly agreed. As I was showering him, he said "Actually Mom - it's really quite refreshing."

His little French girlfriend, Camille, came by and watched a kids movie. I think she already had the flu and is immune. She brought Jonah a Popsicle and told him to eat as Popsicles are good for you when you are sick. She speaks a hysterically funny broken English at rapid fire rate with the confidence that exists only in children. Camille is quite a little tomboy who rides her little bike around very fast with bare feet. Jonah has learnt some better balance on his bike from watching her. Camille's parents are spending the year here working on their boat. We haven't really talked to them as they are working very hard every day.

I have to get off the boat today. Yesterday I spent the whole day on board with Jonah and I have a little case of cabin fever. I might go to town, Lautoka, just to do something.