June 26

Oh God - its getting existential. Nothing has happened. Actually less then nothing. We have been calling the place working on our transmission every other day to find out status. They kept telling us they were waiting for parts. So we call on Monday we call and they inform us the parts were unavailable and they were beginning to inquire in New Zealand and Australia. I had an emotional meltdown. I can't even talk about it without getting anxious. So we did the only thing we could - we began inquiries to purchase a rebuilt one. It is critical we get the exact same model number as otherwise we will have to pull the shaft to have it cut to fit. Our friends from the boat "Mollie" gave us a number of a person in NZ. We found one in the US also. The NZ one was $1500 cheaper and the shipping was much cheaper. It should be here on Friday. We should have done this 7 weeks ago. It kills us to think this has all been a freaking waste of time. Ok I cant talk about it anymore. I drank a multitude of drinks and got loud. It was not a happy boat but we are recovering from the shock.

Lots of boats have left the marina to continue cruising. We are still here!

We have a new cruising plan - call it plan X since we have run through so many. Our current notion this season's cruising has been trashed - not to mention we are going to the US during the prime of the cruising season (ie. the non- hurricane season). We not ready to leave the Pacific. We are going to go to Vanuatu then down to Norfolk Island and then back to New Zealand in December. Going back to New Zealand will leave us poised to go to Tonga and New Caledonia next season then on to Australia. Jordan and I have agreed to get crew for the passage next year to Tonga. Gee I swore I would never go back to New Zealand. It's a hard passage. We might look for crew in Vanuatu. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and enjoying some of NZ that we didn't get to enjoy last year. I am unsure if we will go to the US in the northern hemisphere winter. Its so expensive. I do miss family as does Jordan not to mention Jonah - so who knows!