June 22

Location: Tahanea
Yesterday we were emboldened by Markus catching a duckbill snapper and eating it so we moved on to more reef fish as it was too rough outside the pass to go trolling for tuna. We got ciguatera which is a particular type of fish poisoning that is endemic to many tropical areas. We had heard of many other cruisers eating the type of grouper we caught so we figured "why not?". Jordan got sick the worst. He was up all night with the usual effects of food poisoning. Chris woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps in her legs and had some mild digestive problems. We talked early in the morning and realized that we had ciguatera. Luckily Jonah seemed to have almost no reactions although he complained of leg pains today but that was it. Markus and I took Ipecac to try to make sure no fish was left in our stomach - oh yes it works very well. My lips and face are all tingly and I feel exhausted and wiped out. We are all trying to take it easy today. Jonah is being pretty good despite the fact all I want to do is lay around. Jordan still has some serious muscle pain in his legs. The books say we should all be ok in a couple of days although serious cases can linger. We feel very stupid which makes being sick even worse.

I feel like a slug because yesterday I got a migraine and I was almost over it when I ate the fish. I am having a rough week. Jordan and Markus dove yesterday with Chris driving the dingy. They did a really deep dive in the smaller pass to the north. Lots of sharks again and clouds of reef fish.

I think we are ready to leave Tahanea but will have to wait till Jordan gets his strength back. We will head for Fakarava for some more awesome diving and our last atoll in the Tuomotus before proceeding to Tahiti.