June 20

Yesterday I dove but the conditions were not ideal. There was a weird current pushing us away from the pass so we never got there. We saw a couple of white tips. A huge enormus Wrasse. It was tiring swimming against the current and I was a little dissapointed in the dive. Today we went on the other side of the pass and had a great dive. Jordan drove the dingy. Right before we got in the water a dolphin came right by our boat jumping out of the water and gave us a little show. We started deep at around 95 feet and we were rather agressively checked out by a silver tip shark which was a bit scary. He kept swimming by us and then swimming back - did it four times but then thankfully left. Silver tips are not mellow sharks. Later, a black tip seemed very interested in me which caused me to suck a bunch of air down but he left. We saw a turtle which swam around us for a while. Lots of cool fish and coral. Saw a huge dogtooth tuna. A very interesting and varied dive. We were going with the current but by the time we got to the pass we were flying. I have never gone so fast under water. The current kind of sucked me down and I couldn't clear my ears. Markus got pushed in an opposite direction. I felt like we were going 6 knots by the time we surfaced.

Yesterday Jordan and Markus went fishing and caught a yellow fin. We cooked it up and it was yummy. I think we are going to have sushi tonight on Pez Vela. Yesterday after they cleaned the fish on deck Markus got the blacktips around our boat all excited by dipping the bloody carcass in the water. The sharks were jumping out of the water trying to rip the head off. We have pictures and will post them when we get to a town. Markus was standing on the swim ladder and one of the sharks swam thru the lower rungs and got stuck and had to thrash his way out. Big fun. Hey we don't have tv so we have to make our own amusement. Jonah loved it.

Oh we were feeding the little fish around our boat crackers to amuse Jonah and they kind of boiled up to the surface. Jordan was sitting in the dingy and suddenly said "Hey you know I could just grab one of those fish". He did and screamed in pain as the fin of a Surgeon fish speared him in the thumb. Now we know why they are called Surgeon fish.