June 18

Still waiting in Vuda Point. Apparently they just received the spare parts from NZ. Oh great. They claim they will come Friday to install the rebuilt transmission. The cause of the failure no longer interests us. They claim it was a bent shaft but we tested the shaft with a special instrument and found it true to within some ridiculous tiny number. We are not pulling the boat to check the shaft (more thoroughly) as it would cost around $500 bucks and for what? - we already know its good.

We are getting into a rhythm. We wake up, I teach school, Jordan does errands or tasks around the boat. We eat lunch. We we spend the afternoon at the pool. Sometime have people over for cocktails then dinner. And we are ready for bed. It is not grueling. I am perhaps just a little bored on occasion. We are reading tons of books. Last weekend we took Jonah on the Jet Boat ride through the mangroves. It was fun and Jonah was thrilled.