June 17

Tahanea is ok. We moved anchorages because of the weather and now we are stuck here because of the weather. We can't dive as we are 8 miles from the pass and the snorkeling is mediocre in the lagoon. All of French Polynesia is experience very high winds in the 20 to 40 knot range which makes most anchorages very, very uncomfortable. So we are staying where we are as we are tucked nicely behind a motu. In addition the fetch across the lagoon is fairly fierce and we have no interest in slamming across the lagoon to get to a pass and go to an island which may be even more uncomfortable. So I don't know how long we are staying here. This is the tropical equivalent of being snowed in. Ok we can go walk on the beach but it is very windy and squalls move thru 4 or more times a day. So we are reading and vegetating. I did do some organizing yesterday but today am feeling unmotivated. The only thing I am considering is scrubbing the cockpit down which is somewhat grimy.

I think I will take Jonah to the beach to get some exercise. Dad is napping - this is Father's day and he claims he can do whatever he wants on a day like this. He did burn garbage yesterday on shore so he has done the yucky work. We unfortunately keep our garbage bags in the fuel locker which is both warm and dark. We got maggots. Yuck. Apparently most cruiser wash their garbage before putting it in the trash but we are a wee bit lazier than that. We discard most food scraps overboard and I usually wash cans out but I am not going to be washing old Ziploc's. Jordan will simply have to burn garbage more. Jonah helped him and thought it was a blast.

No school today - the teacher's union met and decided that in the Queen Jane School district there have not been enough holidays, and it is Sunday. BUT really - Jonah is doing ok - I am trying to ease up on him as he has seriously hit the wall in reading progress. I keep repeating to myself - it's ok, he is only four, he can still get into college if he learns to read when he is five. We are still struggling with the lower case letters of the Alphabet which he considers to be really hard work and can't seem to understand why after learning all the upper case letters that we can't just use those. On the other hand, we are progressing nicely in math and he should absorb my entire knowledge of math by the time he is 6 when I turn him over to Dad. Jonah really enjoys thinking up addition and subtraction problems and writing them out. I might go ahead and order the Grade 1 Math from Calvert for next year as they sell it as a separate unit for just this situation.

I need to formalize my science elements and ramp that up a bit as we have already finished the entire science book for Kindergarten. Ok, it's a bit hard to teach about seasons so his grasp of that is fairly limited.

I have finished a bunch of books. I abandoned the new Tom Clancy book as I found it to be fairly stupid. I read Farley Mowatt's book "The Boat Who Wouldn't Float" - very funny stuff. I read "Remembering Babylon" by David Malouf - amazing story about a boy who is rescued and brought up by Aborigines in the 1800's in Australia. I read a spy novel which I can't remember the name - you know Berlin in the 60's type of thing. Someone gave me "Lonesome Dove" - a western which was interesting although a bit plodding and predictable - silent men with dangerous pasts and bad relationships with the whores they frequent. I have been reading a book about the great Pacific navigators by David Lewis which is fascinating but I keep reading a chapter then putting it down. Navigating thrum the Toots must have been hell without GPS - I guess that's why they called it "The Dangerous Archipelago".