June 13

We are still enjoying Likiep. We did another dive on the reef today and it was awesome. Pristine coral and some nice reef fish. The moment I dropped to 40 feet, I saw a huge Moray eel out of his hole. I froze and luckily Jordan swam over and saw him too before he scooted for cover. It was a lovely dive, lots to look at but no big pelagics and only one little shark.

In the afternoon, we went into the village and saw two very large Green Turtles that the locals had captured. They had flipped one on his back and the children were teasing it. The other they attached a rope to and let it stay in the shallows. It made me feel sad but the locals need meat and they can't exactly go to the supermarket to buy hamburger. There is a gentleman who hand raises baby turtles till they get to be about a foot long and then releases them. He collects them when they hatch on the beaches here. It indicates an awareness of the need to help replenish the turtle stocks. Jonah loves going in to the beach and holding the baby turtles. We have pictures and will post them in June photos when we get back to Majuro.

Jordan saw Alan getting ready to go out fishing and asked to go with them. They went out in the village owned boat which is a 20 foot open boat with a diesel engine. They came back with 3 large Yellow fin - 2 that Jordan caught and one of them was the largest tuna he has ever caught. It must have been 80 or 90 pounds (the smaller was about 35-40lbs). They caught them on the outside of the reef right near where we go diving! Jordan said the sea was boiling with fish and the sky filled with birds when they caught them. We are eating tuna several times a day now and I am sure by the end of the week I will be dreaming of beef. We gave the smaller tuna Jordan caught and the head from the big one to Alan from which they make a fish stew I think. Jordan said Alan and the other guy caught a bunch of skipjacks also which we don't care for - its cat food tuna, dark meat, bloody and strong tasting. According to Jordan, Alan plucked the heart out of one (through the gill opening) and munched it up raw. He says they are delicious.

It rained yesterday but cleared in the afternoon. We went on an exploring trip to some deserted little islands. We were going to try to snorkel past the surf on the outside of the island but the surf was too huge.