June 13

Big excitement yesterday - Jonah fell from the dock or rather almost. At Vunda Point, you tie up bow or stern in - most people go bow in. You tie the stern to buoys in the water and the bow to land. To get ashore or back on board, you pull one of the lines till the boat swings near and you hop on. Depending on the tides and other factors, it can be fairly tricky. We instructed Jonah never to get on or off with out our help. We told him about ten times. He was playing on land with some new little friends and we went below to get some rest. I came up a bit later and there was Jonah weeping with a bleeding hand and a crowd of people around him. Apparently he decided to come back and called us but since we were at the other end of the boat, we couldn't hear. He pulled the rope and then (in his words) "Uh-OH and then I fell in." But he held onto to the rope with all his might and wrapped his little legs around and ended up hanging upside down with the top of his head hanging in the water. A neighbor jumped down to rescue him and pulled him up. Jonah's hand was badly scraped and he had some bad scrapes on his leg and side. The little prince spent the afternoon on the couch with me fussing over him, getting him treats and letting him watch movies.

We have been here a week and we are still waiting on our transmission. This marina is circular and I fell like I am in one of the circles of purgatory waiting endlessly. Well ok - the pool helps pass the time but I am suffering slightly from boredom. My father's voice rings in my guilty ears "Those who are bored are boring." . Yeah Yeah. I am reading a ton of books, drawing and relaxing but I want to be out a lovely anchorage, diving and snorkeling and pondering whether we should move anchorages. I am hoping we will leave next week.