June 13

Yesterday, Blue Yonder left for Fakarava as Gail is flying back home to help arrange her oldest daughter's wedding. Dave will remain and single-hand it to Tahiti, although he is going to wait till Pez and us show so he can dive with us. They dove the outside reef yesterday, but I decided to opt out and teach school in peace and quiet. After the dive, Blue Yonder left. Jordan helped untangle their anchor as he was already in the water with his scuba gear on as he was checking zincs on the hull.

Last night Chris and Marcus came over for dinner. We had Wahoo and Dogtooth Tuna Teriyaki. I forgot to write that yesterday morning I went fishing outside the pass at 6am with Chris and Marcus and I caught a huge 35 pound Dogtooth Tuna. Good eating - not as good as Yellowfin but not bad particularly since that was the only thing we caught that morning. Chris had a bunch of bites but nothing stuck on her hook.

We prepared the boat to leave, but we got up at 6am to finish all the little stuff we forgot and started to try to raise the anchor at 7:30. Marcus swam over and did some freedives to help us untangle our chain which was snagged around huge coral heads. We are headed for Tahanea which is around 50 miles away. It should be a nice day sail. Tahanea is uninhabited and has 3 passes so it should make some interesting diving. We are a bit worried that the anchorage inside the lagoon will be uncomfortable, as we will be exposed to the fetch that builds up across the lagoon. The bright side is that we have heard there are lobsters in the lagoon and we hope to get some. I like spiny lobsters - they're not as good as Maine lobsters, but not bad. All the atolls with villages and airstrips have been decimated of their lobster populations as the locals can sell them for a tidy profit in Tahiti.

Pez Vela will be following us, but leaving this afternoon and sailing overnight as they have a slower boat. They need to make it an overnight to ensure getting there in good light. We will probably be traveling together until after Fakarava (about 3 weeks from now) when we will leave for Tahiti and they will move up the Tuamotu chain and head for Rangiroa. We need to have one week in Tahiti for provisioning - we would like to go to the south side of the island for a few days and then head to Moorea where we are meeting Jordan's Dad and Step Mom, Barb. Jonah is very excited about the visit as are we - it has been a while since we have seen family! After that we want to go on to Huahuine and Raiatea - we are unsure about Bora-Bora. We have heard it is a total tourist trap and isn't any more beautiful then the places we are currently visiting or will visit. We would like to be in American Samoa by late August and want to stop in the northern Cooks Islands on the way. So many places to see! Most of what drives us is that we need to be out of French Polynesia and get more west then North to get of the southern hurricane season by mid October.

Today is really relaxed. We should be in to Tahanea by around 3:30 PM. We are trolling a line and I hope we get a bite but knowing our luck in will probably be a Skip jack, which are yucky for eating.

Ok we came in to Tahanea. About three miles from the entrance, we caught a small yellow fin tuna - yum! We bleed it on the side deck and then chopped it up. I am looking forward to dinner. I climbed up the mast steps to get a better look at any potential coral hazards. When we dropped anchor, I had some problems as the rubber roller for the chain is split and the chain gets stuck in the split part. We are very shallow - in around 16 feet of water. Jordan decided to go in the water and check the anchor. I decided to finish washing the deck of fish blood and various fish bits. Immediately, four black tip sharks around 4 to 5 feet long started to circle around. Jordan promptly decided the anchor was in just fine and did not need to be checked. The sharks are still hanging around. I hope they go away.