June 11

Great dive today - we dove the outside reef today. Jordan and I dove alone - Marcus and Dave snorkeled. We saw sea anemones, morays, cool coral, great fish. We went down to 125 feet and it was a blast. Most of the pass dives are much shallower. When we came up and started to dingy in we were surrounded by dolphins. Jordan and Marcus got back in the water with snorkels on but the dolphins were moving too fast although Jordan said he could hear them clicking and whistling under water.

Another great day in paradise.

Jonah is doing well in school. I have had to ease up on the pace as we are at the limit of his abilities. In math we are roaring ahead to beginning concepts of subtraction. He has kind of hit a level in reading and word recognition and so I have decided to just let him enjoy his current level of understanding until he is ready to move on.

We leave Makemo in 2 days. We will have hell with the anchor and chain as it is wrapped around coral. I am looking forward to another island although I don't think we will ever find a calmer anchorage in the Tuamotus.