June 10

We are certainly doing lots of amazing dives here. We dive each day as the flow comes in. Yesterday I got totally freaked by the huge school of large gray sharks at the end of the dive. One of them broke off from the pack and swam up to check me out but apparently I don't look good to eat! Jonah stays in the dingy with the person on dingy duty. Jonah helps looks for bubbles with the other person and they follow us until we come up. Today the dive was a bit dark as it was cloudy and the current was very strong. I enjoyed it anyway and am getting good at identifying and noticing all the various coral and fish. I love diving - in the silent blue surrounded by amazing Technicolor fish and various strange shaped corals. The silence intensifies the visual experience.

I think we are going to leave on Wednesday and go to Tahanea, an atoll fairly nearby - around 8 hour sail. It has 3 passes fairly close to each other so it should make some interesting dives.

The Tuomotus are turning out to be an amazing experience - the only downside is that there are no sandy beaches. All the beaches are ground coral and fairly rough. This leaves us lacking in a major activity for a 4 year old! Jonah does go snorkeling every day with one of us for his daily exercise. He loves to look for fish and today even identified a fish for me! It was a trumpet fish!

After 3 more weeks of this, I will welcome the change of being in a big bustling city of Papeete.